30 May 2017

In the Fencing Section:

The “Are You an Overly Competitive Fencer” page didn’t have a link on the Mental Game of Fencing Section page. It now does.

In the Computers Section:

Added “DVD Drive Doesn’t Work” to the Fixits and Workaround subsection.

In the Propaganda Section

Added Goebbels’ Principles of Propaganda page

21 May 2017

It's been a while!

Since the site was first created until now, the site has had over 2 million hits. Pleasantly surprising since the site is not advertised in any way–people learn of it by Googling or by word of mouth. Here’s what’s new, changed, or deleted:

Throughout the Site
  • I’ve redesigned the entire site (all 125+ pages), old content was removed (e.g., Windows 98/XP stuff), and new content added. The new content added includes:

    • A blog–called Reactions & Solutions, where I talk about issues that hit me as important and suggest possible solutions
    • A new area of the website that deals with propaganda, statistics, and how they work together to influence, mislead, and misdirect people's actions.

      These are important subjects that you should learn about so you can better sift through the “fake news” and propaganda sites to reach the truth of any given matter. Such knowledge has become an essential set of “survival skills” in today’s world.

  • The site is now WordPress-based. This allows me to easily provide you a page translation service (hopefully this will provide better access to international users), additional security features, a better search capability, better ability to handle your comments, and should result in easier site updating for me. Other new features can be and may be more easily added to the site in the future.
  • This site is now a “responsive” site. It should be much easier to view on tablet or cell phone–no more two-finger motions to enlarge the print!
  • Usage data is now collected for me by Google Analytics and Awstats.
  • The original site was a hodge-podge of HTML 3.x and 4.01 code. It’s now been brought up-to-date in general conformance with HTML5 and CSS3 standards and philosophy. This should make it much easier for me to maintain and improve the site.
  • The site now has a sitemap for your convenience.
  • All broken links were repaired and modified/eliminated as necessary.
  • Text was edited where necessary
In the Ancient Rome Section
  • Added some new towns to the city list
In the Computer Section
  • On the Software Recommendations Page

    • Lots of changes since the last site update in 2008. Check out the new list.
  • On the Software Fixes & Workaround Page: Got rid of some of the Windows ’98/XP vintage information.
  • Eliminated the Visual Basic 6 subsection
  • Eliminated the Windows 98/Me/Xp Shortcuts Page
In the Digital Art Section
  • Changed the Digital Art Section to a Digital Art, Drawing, and Cartooning Sectioin
  • Moved the drawing items from the old site’s Other Stuff section to here

The Contact Me page
  • Replaced the page with a new form design
  • 18 May 2017 – The Rth Dimension v2.0 was launched
  • 2008 – Site was last updated.
  • 12 March 2007 – Moved the site to Host Monster. The site got its own domain server.
  • 7 March 2002 – ATT Broadband killed off Mediaone Road Runner server; so site moved to attbi.com server
  • 8 Nov 2000 – Changed ISPs to AT&T Broadband's Road Runner.
  • 4 Sep 98 — Site published.
  • 28 Aug 98 — Site created