Most of the pages in the Fiction Writing Section of this web site derive from the late '90's when I was a SysOp for the Timw-Warner Authors Forum on Compuserve.  We had one of the largest writer forums ever to exist online.  Lots of name authors frequented it; traffic was about 3000 messages/day.  

During that time I ran a bi-weekly Craft of Writing real-time conference on the service which focused on a different writing topic each week.  We had novice and pro writers attending, with the pros answering questions, giving advice, and expressing their opinions.  Many of the participants were Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery writers, such authors as C. J. Cherryh, Jane Fancher, David Feintuch, etc.  This section of the Rth Dimension represents a distillation of what was discussed  in those conferences as well as additional commentary from my own experience as a writer.

I hope all writers will find this section useful to them.