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With an Emphasis on Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing


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Science Fiction/ Fantasy Writing–
  • How to Cope with Critiquing –an article on coping with critiquing from both the writer's and the author's perspective which was published in Speculations magazine (a magazine for SF/Fantasy writers) in October of 1996 as "Dealing with Critique."


USEFUL BOOKS (Annotated Bibliographies):

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Book Stores/Rare Book Finding Services– a list of book finding resources that should make your research efforts a tad easier:
Other Interesting Links–
  • Acronym Finder [A site for finding out what an acronym or abbreviation stands for]
  • [A generally nifty research and reference site; has a dictionary, thesaurus, the Columbia Encyclopedia, etc.]
  • BookBub [A free daily e-mail, you can subscribe to, that lists discounts on ebooks]
  • Behind the Name [Origins of first names]
  • Idiomsite [A site which translates American idiom and sometimes indicates where the idioms originated]
  • Faces [a program used by police to create faces from victims´ description of a suspect; quite useful for visualizing characters for your stories . . . and the price isn´t bad.]
  • NY Public Library
  • Onelook Dictionary Search [A search engine for dictionaries. Find any word . . . somewhere]