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Australian Fencing Federation Australian Fencing Federation Logo [the Australian national fencing organization]
Canadian Fencing Federation CFL Logo The Canadian. national fencing organization
Federation Internationale d'Escrime
FIE Logo
The international governing body of fencing; this site is in French]
Two Ravens Fencing School 2 Ravens Logo Located near Ohio City, in Cleveland, Two Ravens is an excellent place to go to spar and to learn all three weapons. Very strong in épée.
Hooked on Fencing HOF Fencing Club Logo An épée only club. It's dedicated primarily to introducing fencing to as many young people as possible by starting them out in épée. They also offer some adult classes.
ON TARGET Fencing On Target Club Fencing Logo The club I coach for; if you visit Greater Cleveland, stop in.>
We offer instruction in all three weapons. We start all beginners out in foil, and classes are offered in many locations throughout the Greater Cleveland area. épée and Sabre are only offered at our North Ridgeville facility.
Particularly a good place to go if you want to work on your head game, strategy, tactics, and the finer points of épée.
United States Fencing Association USFA Logo 2016 The U.S. national fencing organization
United States Fencing Coaches Association USFCA Logo The U.S. national fencing coaches´ organization

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If anyone knows of any other software programs that are available for managing fencing competitions, please let me know..