USEFUL BOOKS (an annotated Bibliography):

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Web Site Construction & Maintenance
  • Castro, Elizabeth; Hyslop, Bruce. HTML and CSS, 8th Edition. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press. 2014. ISBN:0-321-92883-0. [Biggest bang for the buck–as far as texts go. Covers HTML up to HTML 5.x, XHTML.and CSS. The text is succinct, and easy to get around in. Lots of pictures of screens too. I use it as an instant reference when I need to look up HTML or CSS3 syntax. An e-book version is included with the book. Very highly recommended.]
  • Duckett, Jon. HTML & CSS: design and build websites Indianapolis, IN: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2011. ISBN:978-1-118-00818-8 [This book gives a very organized, cohesive presentation of good website design and how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to create a site that follows good web development standards and is subsequently easy to maintain. Very highly recommended]
Useful WWW Link Logo



Domain Name Registration

If you're looking for an excellent domain registration service, this is the one I ultimately settled on:

Hostmonster Logo

Click on the banner to go to their site for further details.

Web Site Construction & Maintenance
  • NetObjects Fusion [This is a program which is very easy to use, yet has the power of a Dreamweaver or Front Page . . . and it costs significantly less too. It has a heirarchical representation of your website, and the web site designing is close to WYSIWYG. Quite a few addins are available; they’re listed on their site. Highly recommended.]
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro [One of the best image manipulation programs. It's great for creating icons and other images too. Very strong photo editing tools; it can use Adobe Photoshop plug-ins.]
  • UltraEdit [This is a superb commercial text editor for programmers and web site designers. It can be set up for program development in several languages. Its HTML5 and CSS3 features significantly aids web site development, and it has built-in FTP features. I rely on this editor instead of the various WordPress plug-in editors, because it has more of the features I use to maintain my site.]
  • Notepad++[This is a free, GPL licensed, text editor with features useful in web site development.]
  • WordPress [One of the best, if not the best, web site development tools. It’s pretty easy to set up both a blog and static web site. Lots of plugins are available to add in any useful features you might want. I recomment using the standalone wordpress version that your ISP probably has available, rather than the WordPress.ORG hosting service.]
Computer Groups/Clubs
Interesting Computer Information Sites
  • [H]ard|OCP [A site for true computer geeks. Reviews of various hardware products and games are posted there along with some tutorials]
  • Tech Republic [A site which published an informative newsletter that keeps you informed about current IT issues and news. Also has quite a stock of informative articles dealing with various facets of IT, especially software development. Highly recommended]
  • PC Tech Guide: [Want to learn about PC-based technology? Then this is the site for you. Chock full of very well-presented explanations. You can find a list of their guides on the lower left-hand side of their web page. Highly recommended]
  • Tom's Hardware [One of the better hardware oriented sites on the web. All sorts of game and cutting edge hardware tutorials and reviews. Highly recommended]
Sites to Visit When You Have a Computer Hardware or Software Problem
  • [Where to go to find “fixes” for the things that bug you in Windows or in Windows programs]
  • Black Viper's Site [Place to go to find out all about Windows services and which ones are essential]
  • MajorGeeks [Major shareware/freeware download site. Lists many software problem solving tools and has a support forum]
  • The Software Patch [patches for all sorts of software including OSs]
  • Tech Support Guy [Another post-your-problem-and-get-solutions site]
Useful Computer Newsletters
  • PC Mech [A very informative blog with tips & tricks articles as well as discussions of current PC issues. Subscribe to the newsletter; it’s not as irritating or frenetic as the web site per se.]
  • Windows Secrets [Very informative and timely newsletter on matters PC. Very highly recommended]
Useful Computer Magazines
  • Computer Arts: [magazine for computer artists, often provides hi-quality graphics tools for free and typically has tutorials you may find useful for some of the major drawing tools on the market. Click on “Magazines” in the Creative Bloq site menu bar.]
  • Maximum PC (now merged with PC Gamer: [An excellent e-magazine for non-beginners. PC performance is the major focus of this magazine, both hardware or software based. Excellent articles and reviews. You can subscribe to magazine via Zinio Highly recommended.]
  • Computer Power User (CPU): [Used to be a print magazine, now it’s website “pseudo-magazine” for non-beginners.]
Where to Go for Hardware Device Drivers
Reputable On-line Auction Sites

As a rule I don´t usually deal with auction sites unless they´re run by reputable hardware/software dealers and take credit cards. The following I can recommend; I have had excellent experiences with it (click on the following icon):

Ubid Logo

Comparison Shopping Sites:

Note: Rather than restricting yourself to using any one of the above, I recommend that you use all of them. They often yield different results.

Web Sites Which Sell Special Computer-related Products
  • Cyberguys [Excellent for odds & ends gear and hard-to-find gear like specialty cables, brushes, PC cases, power supplies, splitter cables, fans, toolkits, meters, contact cleaning solutions, etc. I’ve ordered lots of items from them that I couldn’t find easily elsewhere. Highly recommended.]
  • Deal News [Subscribe to their newsletter–or regularly visit their site–and you’ll be privy to all sorts of good deals on computer and electronic gear. I’ve purchased several hardware items at rock bottom prices as a result of seeing deals on items mentioned this newsletter. Highly recommended.]
  • Dirt Cheap Software [Carries a lot of legacy software; but sometimes you can find a good deal on something more current. Buying an earlier version of a software product is sometimes a very cheap way to try before you buy]
  • [Keeps track of deals on electronics and computer gear. Very useful resource when you want to comparison shop]
  • Mwave Direct [Deals in new and refurbished hardware]
  • Newegg [Deals in both new and refurbished PC and Mac computer peripherals and motherboards, and the prices tend to be very competitive with other vendors. Highly recommended]
  • Provantage [Deals in hardware, software, office supplies. Prices tend to be very good. Delivery has been quick for everything I’ve ordered through them.]
  • Shop4tech [Deals in all sorts of PC accessories, DVD/CD media, media duplicators, and PC cables]
  • Tigerdirect [All sorts of deals on computer-related items and other electronics gear can be found here. Highly recommended]
  • To See If A Vendor's Safe To Purchase From

    Check the following resources:

    • The Better Business Bureau. [You can type in an URL or an US Mail address to see a report on the company.]
    • [Here you can see customer ratings as well as read customer reviews of their experiences with the various vendors.]
    Good Shareware/Freeware Sites
    • [CNet’s huge site–lots of good software; software is rated by downloaders]
    • Filehippo
    • Source Forge [Open source software at its finest; also publishes a e-newsletter which informs you of new versions of products as they become available]
    Information on Spammers & Their Domains
    • Spam Domain Blacklist [a German site dedicated to keeping track of spammers–as determined by their software tool called jwSpamSpy]
    Other Useful Resources
    • StartUp Programs Web Site [If you want to know what those programs are running in the background (those listed when you press Ctrl-Alt-Del once (or Shft-Ctrl-Esc) or those that are listed by Memokit and similar process monitoring programs) and what they do, this is the site to check.]
    • Akamai Real-time Internet Monitor [[Click on the link to see the frequency of web attacks throughout the world today]