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USEFUL BOOKS (An Annotated Bibliography):

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About Romans and Roman life–

  • Adkins, Lesley; Adkins, Roy A. Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome. Facts on File. 1994. ISBN: 0-816-02755-2 [ an excellent book on life in Rome during its various phases ]
  • Austin, N.J.E; Rankov, N.B.. Exploratio: Military and Political Intelligence in the Roman World from the Second Punic War to the Battle of Adrianople New York. Routledge. 1995. ISBN: 0-415-18301-4 [ the only book I’ve found which analyzes Roman intelligence gathering per se. Recommended. ]
  • Balsdon, J.P.V.D. Life & Leisure in Ancient Rome. Phoenix Press. 1969. ISBN: 1-84212-593-1 [ one of the better books that deal with daily life in Ancient Rome. ]
  • Balsdon, J.P.V.D. Romans & Aliens. The University of North Carolina Press. 1979. ISBN: 0-8078-1383-4 [ a unique book that focuses primarily on Roman attitudes toward foreigners and vice versa. Extremely valuable for those of you who might be writing historical fiction based in ancient Rome. ]
  • Carcopino, Jerome. Daily Life in Ancient Rome; The People and the City at the Height of the Empire,. Yale University Press. 1972. ISBN:0300000316
  • Connolly,Peter; Dodge, Hazel. The Ancient City: Life in Classical Athens and Rome. Oxford: Oxford University Press 1998. ISBN:0-19-917242-0
  • Cornell, Tim; Matthews, John. Atlas of the Roman World. Facts of File. 1995. ISBN:0-87196-652-2 [ a resource for wonderful maps and pictures of places throughout the Mediterranean ]
  • Cowell, F. R. Everyday Life in Ancient Rome. G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1966. ISBN:0-399-50328-5 [ a lot of useful material in a small package–but it’s hard to distinguish what pertains to the Empire and what pertains to the Republic ]
  • Dando-Collins, Stephen. Caesar's Legion: The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's Elite Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome. New York. John Wiley & Sons. 2002. ISBN:0-471-09570-2 [ Well researched and very readable. Particularly useful if you’re looking for information on some of the major battles of Caesar’s career–not just those during his Gallic campaigns; but also those during the Civil War with Pompey. Lots of detail about legions and how they functioned. Highly recommended. ]
  • Davis, W.S. A Day in Old Rome: A Picture of Roman Life. Biblio and Tannen. 1959. ISBN:0819601063
  • Gardner, Jane F. Women in Roman Law and Society. Indiana University Press. 1995.ISBN: 0-253-20635-9 [ best source on concubines, women’s rights, marriage, dowry, divorces, female slaves, etc.; unfortunately it seems to be out of print ]
  • Giardina, Andrea. The Romans. The University of Chicago Press. 1993. ISBN: 0-226-29050-6
  • Goldsworthy, Adrian. Roman Warfare. Cassell & Co. 2000. ISBN:0-304-35265-9 [ Part of the Cassell’s History of Warfare Series. This book covers Roman warfare from the rise of Rome until the fall of The Empire. It has some nifty diagrams and maps. I found the short, succinct explanation of the Battle of Pharsalus quite helpful ]
  • Grant, Michael. The Roman Forum. Michael Grant Publications, Ltd. 1970. ISBN:029700199X
  • Gruen, Erich S. The Last Generation of the Roman Republic. University of California Press. 1995. ISBN: 0-520-20153-1 [ the best resource on who’s who in the Late Roman Republic; discusses political alliances in detail ]
  • Hyland, Ann. Equus: The Horse in the Roman World. Yale University Press. 1990.ISBN: 0-300-04770-3 [ one of the best books on the subject ]
  • Kamm, Anthony. The Romans . Routledge. 1995. ISBN: 0-415-12040-3
  • Keppie, Lawrence. The Making of the Roman Army . University of Oklahoma Press. 1984. ISBN: 0-7394-0171-8. Has plenty of good material on the Roman Legions. For instance, it had a list of the Roman Legions in existence during he Civil War, and it covered fairly well the battles at Dyrracchium and Pharsalus
  • Lightman, Marjorie; Lightman,Benjamin. Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women Checkmark Books. 2000. ISBN: 0-8160-4436-8 HIghly recommended if you’re looking for info on some of the prominent Roman/Greek women that history knows something about.
  • Macaulay, David. City: A Story of Roman Planning & Construction. Houghton Mifflin Co. 1974. ISBN:0-395-19492-X. [ The main strength of any Macaulay book is his nifty drawings. In this case, they really help you to get a clearer picture of the scale and layouts of various Roman buildings as well as the overall organization of the typical Roman town ].
  • McKay, Alexander G. Houses, Villas, and Palaces in the Roman World. The John Hopkins University Press. 1975 ISBN: 0-8018-5904-2
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  • Moulten, Caroll. Ancient Rome & Greece: An Encyclopedia for Students. New York: Charles Scribener´s Sons. 1998. ISBN: 0-684-80507-3 [ a four volume reference of all things Greek and Roman, very comprehensive; appears to be out of print, but a lot of libraries carry it in their reference section. Very expensive to buy ]
  • Nicolet, C. The World of the Citizen in Republican Rome. University of California Press. 1980. ISBN: 0-520-06342-2
  • Parker, H. M. D. The Roman Legions. Barnes and Noble Books. 1993. ISBN: 0-88029-854-5
  • Peddie, John. The Roman War Machine. Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd. 1995. ISBN: 0938289853 [ highly recommended for its coverage of command and control, supply and baggage trains, and marching camp techniques. ]
  • Plutarch. Fall of the Roman Republic. Penguin Books. 1972. ISBN:0-14-044084-4 [ useful source of information on Pompey, Caesar, and Cicero; Plutarch wrote about these people in the 1st century C.E. ]
  • Plutarch. Makers of Rome. Penguin Books. 1965. ISBN:0-14-044158-1 [ useful source of information on Marcus Junius Brutus and Marc Antony ]
  • Robinson, O.F. Ancient Rome: City Planning and Administration. Routledge. 1992. ISBN:0-415-10618-4 [ an excellent book dealing with various aspects of running Rome; lots of info about who was responsible for details like street cleaning, garbage disposal, road maintenance, bridge construction, etc. ]
  • Shelton, Jo-Ann. As the Romans Did: A Sourcebook in Roman Social History. Oxford University Press. 1988. ISBN:0-19-504177-1 [ a very well done book on Roman living; she quotes a lot of primary sources ]
  • Showerman, Grant. Rome and the Romans: A Survey and Interpretation . The Macmillan Company. 1931. ISBN:0815403151
  • Simkins, Michael. Warriors of Rome. Blandford. 1988.ISBN:0-7137-2197-9 [ lots of pictures and drawings ]
  • Stambaugh, John E. The Ancient Roman City. Johns Hopkins University Press. 1988. ISBN: 0-8018-3692-1 [ a very useful book on the Roman city and its workings ]
  • Taylor, Lily Ross. Party Politics in the Age of Caesar. University of California Press. 1995. ISBN: 0520012577. [This book complements Gruen's The Last Generation of the Roman Republic]
  • G.I.F.; Badcock, J. These Were The Romans, Second Edition. Dufour Editions, Inc. 1998. ISBN: 0-8023-1285-3 [ another excellent book on life in Rome during its various phases ]
  • Wacher, John. Roman Britain. Wrens Park Publishing. 2000. ISBN:0-905-778-529
  • Warry, John. Warfare in the Classical World. University of Oklahoma Press. 1995. ISBN:0-8061-2794-5
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  • Zanker, Paul. Pompeii: Public and Private Life. Boston. Harvard University Press. 1998. ISBN:0-674-68967-4 [ An archaelogically based analysis of what Pompey was like prior to 79 C.E.; nicely illustrated. ]

About Julius Caesar–

  • Dodge, Theodore Ayrault. Caesar. Da Capo Press. 1997. ISBN:0-306-80787-4 [ Lots of detail; an outstanding reference ]
  • Fuller, J. F. C. Julius Caesar: Man, Soldier, and Tyrant. Da Capo Press. 1965. ISBN:0-306-80422-0 [ Almost as good as Dodge’s book, but not as detailed ]
  • Grant, Michael. Julius Caesar. M. Evans & Co. 1992. ISBN:0-87131-720-6
  • Langguth, A.J. A Noise of War. Simon & Schuster 1994. ISBN:0-671-70829-5
  • Meier, Christian. Caesar. BasicBooks. 1982. ISBN:0-465-00894-1
  • Warner, Rex. The Young Caesar. Mentor Books. 1960. ISBN:9997409078
  • Warner, Rex. War Commentaries of Caesar. Mentor Books. 1987. ISBN:0452008506 [ Caesar writing about his own exploits ]

About Ancient Technology–

  • Hodges, Henry. Technology in the Ancient World Barnes & Noble Books. 1992. ISBN:0-88029-893-6
  • James, Peter; Thorpe, Nick. Ancient Inventions Balantine Books. 1994. ISBN:0-345-36476-7 [ This book is the more detailed of the books in this section. It deals with the development of various inventions/technology grouped by how such was used in everyday life. Highly recommended. ]

About the Ancient World in General–

  • Past Worlds: HarperCollins Atlas of Archaeology. HarperCollins Publishers. 1997. ISBN:0-7230-1005-6. [ An excellent book for getting a general gut feel for the ancient world duing various time periods. Lots of topo-style maps ]
  • Hornblower, Simon; Spawforth, Antony. The Oxford Classical Dictionary., Third Edition. Oxford University Press. 1996. ISBN: 0-19-866172-X [ a very good all around resource; has short bio’s for some of the more significant Romans as well as for a few of the more obscure ones ]
  • Casson, Lionel. Travel in the Ancient World. The John Hopkins University Press. 1994. ISBN:0-8018-4808-3 [ has interesting chapters on bandits, trade, land and sea travel, inns and restaurants, and the mail. ]

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  • Ancient Roman Homes[ Discusses Domi, Insulae, and Villas, their architecture and layout as they were in the days of the Empire as opposed to the Republic. But not much is different from the structures that existing during the time of Caesar ]
  • LacusCurtius Home Page [ One of the larger sites dealing with things Roman ]
  • ROMARCH[ from here you can get to many other Roman sites; also has a search engine for finding Roman-related info ]
  • Gary Brueggeman's Roman Army Site [ lots of useful diagrams dealing with everything from military tactics and field weaponry to military formations and skirmishers. Discusses various controversial views of such as posed by various scholars. Nifty site. Well worth a look.]
  • The Roman Army in the Late Republic and Early Empire
  • Jay's Roman History, Coins, and Technology [Lots of good stuff on this site]