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I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my wife, Fran; my two children, Scott and Kim; and our dog, Suki. In the late '60s, I earned a bachelor's degree in psychology, and, in the late '70s, a master's degree in applied math (focus: statistics and ops research). Over the years I've done educational research, evaluation research, paraprofessional counseling in a mental health agency, statistical forecasting, Total Quality-related group facilitation, programming, system analyses, and high school teaching. During the Vietnam War, I served a stint as an officer in USAF. Currently, I teach statistics and other math for Myers University, Devry University, and Keller Graduate School of Management . . . and occasionally I substitute teach math at Lake Ridge Academy.

I've also been a competitive fencer for 23 years and a fencing coach for 24. I'm currently the épée coach at the On Target Fencing Club located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, which is just to the west of Cleveland, Ohio (the "best location in the nation").

My interests are writing, people watching, fencing, computers, reading, camping, backpacking, card-playing (particularly Bridge), collecting good movies, and collecting movie soundtracks.

I've been an avid science fiction/fantasy (SF/F) reader for some forty years now, and a full-time Science Fiction/Fantasy writer since February '94. So far I've written two short stories, none of which has been published yet (although I've got them circulating through the various magazines). I'm now working on a series of "hard" SF novels (the first two books are Fates with Traitors Do Conspire and Incursion). In October 1996, my article titled Dealing with Critique was published in Speculations magazine, a magazine for SF/F writers.

On CompuServe, from late 1994 to October, 1997, I was a WizOp for the Time-Warner Authors forum as well as the Section Leader for its Craft of Writing Section. Later, I served for several years as a co-moderator for The Silver Quill forum on Delphi. Currently, I'm moderating one forum, The On Target Fencing Forum and I'm co-moderating The Ancient/Classical History Forum on About.Com.


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