Hamper's Laws


A few serious and humorous adages, some slightly borrowed, some my own creation. Enjoy.

  1. Proximity in space is the prerequisite to real interaction.
  2. Obviousness is the best form of secrecy (AKA the Mission Impossible Principle).
  3. It's always easy when you know how!
  4. Nothing's ever easy.
  5. Nothing's ever simple.
  6. For every action, there's always a reaction . . . but not necessarily equal or even opposite.
  7. Good begets good; bad begets worse.
  8. Effective communication implies the right words at the right time, delivered in the right form.
  9. Winners never learn, losers never forget.
  10. Only he or she who truly sees a problem can solve it. (Variation: A duty seen must be discharged.)
  11. Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear mauls your ass. (Always make sure your bear gun is loaded!)
  12. It's always in the last place you look . . . by definition.
  13. It's always just in front of your nose.
  14. You never know . . . when you've made an assumption.
  15. Multiplying root causes without necessity is mathematical overkill. (Hamper's variation on OCCAM's RAZOR)
  16. The "real world" is a hypothetical construct.
  17. Stats don't lie, people do.
  18. Stats don't lie, they're just misused.
  19. If the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, your angle's all wrong.
  20. Never threaten someone when you don't know what you're up against--it could be fatal.
  21. Anarchy is never simple and never on-course . . . by definition.
  22. Success comes in a can; failure in a cannot.
  23. Without a cause, you'll have no effect.
  24. Words do not have meaning, people do.
  25. Inferior material yields inferior results . . . unless you're talking sabotage.
  26. When in doubt, get out!
  27. No expectations result in no disappointments.
  28. Your temper is a raging tiger: let it loose and it'll maul your thought processes and kill your relationships with others.
  29. Every issue has many facets; check all the angles before you choose a side.
  30. Without context, true meaning is lost.

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