Continental Rummy Rules


Another Rummy variant, this game came to our family from our Indiana cousins.  Enjoy.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Three to six.

NUMBER OF DECKS USED:Two or more. If there are three or four players, use two decks including jokers. If there are five or six players, use three decks including the jokers.

OBJECT OF THE GAME: After six hands have been played, to have the lowest number of (penalty) points.

THE DEAL: Deal seven cards to each player.  After all hands have been dealt out, the top card of the draw pile is turned up as the first card of the discard pile.

MELDS: Melds consist of three or more cards in a Set or a Run. A Set is three or more cards of the same denomination. A Run is a sequence of three or more cards in the same suit. Jokers are wild cards and can be used to form any meld as long as two or more wild cards are not adjacent to one another in the meld.

THE PLAY: Player to the dealer's left plays first. When it's a player's turn, the player can choose between taking the upcard on the discard pile or the top card of the draw pile. When it's a player's turn, if the discard pile upcard is a card some other player wants, the player that wants it can announce that she or he would like to " buy " the card. If the player whose turn it is doesn't want the upcard, the buying player takes the upcard and an additional card from the draw pile. Then the player whose turn it is draws from the draw pile. If two or more people announce a buy, the eldest hand has the priority and wins the buy. A player is not permitted to buy his or her own discard. Lowest score after six hands wins. The order of the hands is as follows:

First hand 

2 Sets 

Second hand 

1 Run-1 Set 

Third hand 

3 Sets 

Fourth hand 

2 Runs 

Fifth hand 

1 Run-2 Sets 

Last hand 

2 Runs-1 Set NO DISCARD (Player must meld out completely) 


When 2 or more sets are required, six cards of the same denomination can be split into two groups of three to meet the meld contract.

Once a player can lay down the contract meld, the player can play off of any melds already played on the table (the player's own or any opponent's).

GOING OUT: A player can meld out (go out) with or without a discard except on the six hand. For the sixth hand, the entire hand must be melded to go out.

PENALTIES: When a player melds out, all other players tally up the point values for all cards remaining in their hands. The point values for each player's unmelded cards are added to their respective scores. The point values for the cards are:



25 Points 


15 Points 


10 Points 


5 Points 

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