My Math and Science Background


I've always had a strong interest in science and math.  For two years at Case Institute (in 1963 and 1964, before they became Case Western Reserve University), I was a physics major. In 1978, I earned a Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics from Cleveland State University with sub-specialties in statistics and operations research. Some of the jobs I've held prior to my becoming a SF writer were in the fields of educational research, social service agency evaluation research, survey research, Total Quality, and business forecasting and statistical modeling. I've worked on projects involving nuclear power plants, electrical power control systems, psychological treatment outcome research, market research surveys, test performance, statistical process control, forecast modeling of the economy, electrical peak load and kWh sales forecasting, drug testing sampling schemes, drug education curricula . . . just to name a few.

In addition to my academic and work experiences, I'm a voracious book and magazine reader.  Some of the magazines I regularly read are Scientific American, Scientific American Mind, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Current Archaeology, Archaeology, Biblical Archaeological Review, and myriad computer magazines (my favorites: CPU and Maximum PC). I'm also a member of the Foresight Institute and the World Future Society. 

Currently, I teach statistics and other math for both Myers University, DeVry University, and Keller Graduate School of Business Management . . . in addition to occasionally doing substitute teaching in math at Lake Ridge Academy.

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