The Mental Game in Fencing

The mental or psychological game in fencing is just as important--if not more so--than the physical aspect.

You can perfect your moves in practice, yet "crump" under the pressure of competition. It's critical to realize that the pressure IS artificial--it's induced by how you perceive the game (you probably don't see it as such).

That pressure is created by you, not by the situation per se.

Mastery of fencing requires both a solid physical and mental game.

Mastery of fencing requires a perception of the game--"a Frame"--that doesn't get in the way of optimal performance. Mastery of fencing requires choosing a Frame that makes learning easier as well as a Frame that allows you to perform at your best under any circumstances.

In this section are presented some of the main factors that once understood and harnessed will improve your competitive fencing performance dramatically.



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