My Fencing Background


I've been an épée and foil fencer since 1963. As a first year Varsity letterman, I represented Case Institute of Technology at the 1965 NCAA Fencing Championships. As a 19th place finisher in épée, I helped Case earn a 10th place national ranking, the highest ever for a Case Institute fencing team. In the fall of 1965, I transferred to Cleveland State University (CSU), where I fenced épée, lettering every year until I graduated. In 1968, when I represented CSU at the NCAA Fencing Championships, finishing 24th in épée.

After graduation, I joined the Air Force as an officer. In 1969, while stationed at Syracuse, NY , I helped coach the Syracuse University épée squad sporadically during one fencing season. In 1970-71, while stationed in Alaska, I conducted foil and épée classes at Campion Air Force Station. In 1974, I returned to CSU to complete my Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and to assist Maestro John Szent Kiraly as coach for the CSU épée squad. During this time, I actively competed in AFLA/ USFA competitions, attending my last National Championship in 1979. In 1986, I retired as a competitive fencer and coach, after having coached 11 straight CSU épée squads to winning seasons.

In December 1996, I was coaxed out of retirement by my good friend and Head Coach, Tom Nagy, to become the On Target Fencing Team´s first Épée Coach.  


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