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Since I've become interested in Digital Art, I've encountered and actually used quite a few programs. What follows is a list of some of this digital software. If you're interested in one of these products, just click on the name of the program--or on the associated banner--and you'll be transported magically to the appropriate web site where you can get more information or purchase the software.

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Free Digital Art Software and Donation-ware Gems

--a free. powerful easy-to-learn 3D digital art program. Works well with Bryce. You can build your characters and objects in DAZ studio and port them easily to a Bryce landscape. Works well with Poser figures.

Deep Paint 2 -- One of the more powerful 2D paint programs you can find. Right Hemisphere, the company that created this program is now focusing on 3D software and has offered its former flagship 2D program as a freebee. However, it's hard to find a link to the download these days. Click on this link and you should be able to download it.

GIMP (the Gnu Image Manipulation Program)--An open source program that successfully attempts to "functionally clone" the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop without the expense. The installation has been a bit of a hassle (that may have changed since I last checked); but if you can figure it out, this program might be for you.

Google SketchUp--Another 3D object creation program. Very easy to use. A high quality freebee tool from the Google people. A good program to learn about 3D object creation. Highly recommended.

Milkshape 3D--A very powerful 3D object creation and animation program. The gaming community--especially the Sims and Doom afficianados--uses this program for object and figure design because it's free, or inexpensive if you purchase it (about $20).

Pixia--An English version of a very popular 2D Japanese anime/manga paint program. Very powerful. Has layers, masks, and customizable brushes. If you don't have a good paint program, this is a good one to get.

Twisted Brush Free Addition--Another powerful 2D paint and photo touch-up program. Has features for manga, anime, and other cartoon creation projects. The commercial version of the program is even more powerful. Go to the site download page to get your copy of this program.

Wood Workshop--A very nifty program that specializes in creating wood textures for use in other programs. The output can either be a .jpg, .png, .tif, or a .bmp file.

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Software That Will Cost, But Is Worth It

--Excellent 3D digital art landscape/object creation program with extensive animation capabilities. Communicates easily with DAZ Studio (see freeware above). 

-- Very powerful medium-tier 3D digital art and animation program-with capabilities just below that of the really expensive, top-of-the-line software like Maya, Electric Image Animation System, and Wavefront. Includes UV mapping. Outstanding program.

Concept Draw--This program is similar in functionality to SmartDraw, but the interface is significantly different. Has less functionality than SmartDraw. It's main focus is business oriented graphics production.

Corel Draw--An extremely powerful 2D vector drawing tool.

Corel Photopaint--A very powerful 2D paint program with a lot of photo manipulation capabilities. Part of the Corel Draw package.

Corel Painter-- The strength of this 2D paint program is its brushes. Has layers. I don't have much to say about this program yet, since it's a new addition to my software inventory.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo --. Excellent 2D program for creating gifs for your web sites; also excellent for photo touch-up work.The next best thing to Adobe Photoshop and significantly less expensive. In fact, it can use Adobe Photoshop plug-ins and has most of Adobe's features. Very highly recommended.

Face Shop Pro -- This product allows you to map faces from photos to 3D characters created in DAZ Studio or Poser. Very powerful and highly recommended

Hexagon-- 3D modeling software. Has tools for modeling, refining, UV mapping, texturing 3D objects. Also has freehand brush modeling capabilities for smoothing, pinching, and inflating the geometry of an object. It also has a UV-Unwrap capability. Nifty product.

Poser 7 - Complete 3D Figure Design  --One of the most powerful 3D human form creation tools you can buy . . . and then some. With it, you can design any figure imaginable. Scale and manipulate individual body parts, design facial expressions, and pose your figures. Conform clothing and hair to any character you design. Has powerful lighting and rendering tools. Has strong animation capabilities too. Very highly recommended

SmartDraw Suite--Versatile, yet simple to use, vector drawing program at a decent price. Superior to ABC Flowcharter and its ilk. The program has many templates and toolsets for drawing almost any kind of chart or diagram imaginable. I use this product for Data Flow diagramming, Entity-Relationship diagramming, and hierarchical charts.


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