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What follows is a list of my favorite software; but the snag with the products in this list is that these products only work in Win '98, not XP or Vista. If you're interested in one of these products, just click on the name of the program and you'll be transported magically to the appropriate web site where you can get more information or purchase the software.


Software That Will Cost But Is Worth It

Folder Guard--Provides complete control over who has access to files and folders on your computer. Files and folders can be hidden or made read-only, so that they will be invisible to all applications including Windows Explorer. Folder Guard also provides logon monitoring; tracks how your computer's used; password protects designated files and folders; and limits user access to many Windows resources, such as the Start Menu, Control Panel, Active Desktop, etc. User-specific access rights to files, folders, and to other Windows resources can be configured separately for each user of your computer. Prevents some or all users from reformatting local drives (on Windows Me/9x computers only) and protects files and folders from both local and remote access. Folder Guard is designed to operate with or without the use of System Policies, on a stand-alone computer or on a network.

GoBack Deluxe--What system restore should be, plus it works on machines running Win 98 SE. Has capability to restore individual files, recover individual files eliminated by a "revert drive" (system restore) action. Permits you to see specific changes in your software configuration at various points in time. Also has security features for controlling access to the product. Highly recommended.

Mem-Jolt--A tool for coping with program memory leakage; recaptures RAM that's been left orphaned by programs. For "tecchies" only--used without caution, it can cause computer lock-ups. If you're running Windows XP, don't bother getting this program.

MemoKit--Another tool for coping with program memory leakage; recaptures RAM that's been left orphaned by programs. In addition, it keeps a history of what programs have been running and tracks how much RAM they used at one minute or greater intervals. This is a very good tool for getting a handle on which programs are CPU hogs and memory leakers. MemoKit also displays current memory freed and the current percentage of resources that are available. If you are running Windows '98, this is highly recommended. 


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