Win98/Me/XP Keyboard Shortcuts


For those of you who've been looking for a list of Windows 98/Milennium shortcut keys, here's some of the more useful ones. Note that:

  • represents the flag key (aka "the Win key") on the Windows Keyboard, and
  •   represents the special key underneath the right <Shift> and next to the right-side key.




Close the active window or program


Close the active window within a program


Copy from Windows Clipboard

<Ctrl> c

Cut selected text; store it in Windows Clipboard

<Ctrl> x

Cycle through Taskbar programs


Delete an item so that it's not sent to the Recycle Bin


Display a context ("right click") menu



Display current window's system menu


Display Properties for a selected item




Find a computer on the network

<Ctrl>  f

Find a file or folder


Help for selected item


Help (Windows)


Maximize the active window

<Alt><spacebar> x

Minimize the active window

 <Alt><spacebar> n

Minimize all running programs


Open selected folder or program


Open selected folder in a two-paned Explorer window


Paste text from the Windows Clipboard


Prevent a CD from autoplaying

hold down <Shift> while inserting the CD

Restore the active window

<Alt><spacebar> r

Restore minimized programs


Run Dialog


Start Menu

Switch between running programs


Switch in the reverse direction between running programs


System Properties

(Device Manager resides here)


Task Managernew


useful for those PCs where <Ctrl><Alt><Del> doesn't open the Task Manager window directly

Utlity Managernew

(e.g., Magnifier, Narrator, etc.).


Undo previous action


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